About GreenKite

Since 2005, GreenKite software has been driving corporate websites and online applications.

Working with a wide variety of public, private and not-for-profit organizations our software has been continously evolving to deliver more sophisticated functionality, including advanced social media integration, e-newsletters, personalized URLs, variable content websites, intellegent forms and analytics.

In the last couple years, GreenKite has also pursued another direction - forming strategic partnerships to deliver online applications that transform an industry's traditional processes. This direction has been an outgrowth of our intensive R&D culture directed at delivering meaningful strategic advantage in the marketplace.

GreenTrack and e-Appz are products of our strategic partnership in the life insurance industry.

What People are Saying

“Over the past two years, your ability to tailor GreenKite to the unique needs of my clients in the USA, Europe and Malaysia has been a key to our success. Thanks for all your assistance.”