Advisors often have to meet with clients to complete complex paper applications. Unfortunately, many times these applications end up incomplete and inaccurate, which can cause delays and even lost sales when the advisor has to revisit the application with the client. And most electronic applications simply replicate the complex paper apps, leading to confusion and error.
eAppz is intelligent software that guides Advisors through the questions, asking only the relevant questions and providing an interface that is common for different application types.
eAppz is also a complete system that supports the entire sales process. Automated communication tools and a centralized database are integrated into eAppz. And the interface and process is designed to build client relationships and to take advantage of the most modern touch screen interfaces. Plus some key features allow the Advisor to relax and focus on the task at hand.
Please Contact us to learn more about these and other important eAppz elements that provide Advisors with a multi-faceted workspace to increases productivity and sales.
What People are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of working with GreenKite for the past year. GreenKite has been tremendous in providing us with amazing “tailor-made” services that have helped us grow, taking new ground in our fast-paced and competitive industry."
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