Focus on sales and policy management. GreenTrack's up-to-date policy information, and productivity tools minimize administrative tasks.
  • Quickly submit & track new policy apps;
  • Inforce policy info is accurate / maintained;
  • Sales efforts benefit from inforce data
  • Easy to use back-office system saves time 
GreenTrack offers a new direction for an industry that has been marked by manual processes and incomplete and often inaccurate data. For too many years resources have been tilted toward managing process details and the problems of incomplete and unstandardized data.
GreenTrack products for the Life Insurance Industry include:
GreenTrack Office
  • Complete back-office system designed with the future in mind.
GreenTrack Marketview
  • Determine Inforce sales priorities + Track application status & requirements.
GreenTrack Data
  • Provides raw XML policy data to import into CRMs.
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