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InDocz has been developed to replace current manual processes used by Carrier distribution partners (e.g., MGAs) to acquire pending life insurance application and inforce policy information from Carriers. While many Carriers offer policy information downloads, the data are not complete or consistent across Carriers. For the most part staff, of the distribution partners, still visits Carrier websites to obtain Pending and Inforce information, and subsequently update the distributors’ Agency Management System (AMS), manually. InDocz follows the manual process, but automates the steps. Essentially InDocz performs the same process a staff member would do using the same secure login protocols, with much improved efficiency.
@import url(/greenkite5/greenkiteeditorstyle.css); InDocz translates the data from all the Carriers into a single, uniform data structure, while maintaining the different levels of detail available in the diverse Carrier sites. A uniform data structure is a key element of InDocz and makes it much easier to integrate InDocz feeds into the various agency management systems employed by MGAs.