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GreenKIte's vision is to empower companies - to make the web an integral part of their business and growth.

Corporate websites and marketing campaigns are as unique as your business - and yours may need different features and functions from other websites within the same industry.

Since 2005, GreenKite has been delivering corporate websites and online applications. We have worked with a wide range of clients, creating sophisticated web presences for public, private and non-for-profit. Each of these web presences is different in design, features and scope, but each one draws its power from our software and each is elegantly managed using GreenKite.

Our sample sites give a flavour of our work, but many of our sophisticate sites have been for internal websites websites and proprietary campaigns for which we are unable to share details on this site.

Now at version 6.0, GreenKite is being and has been used to:
  • Dynamically drive variable online automobile ads, based on stated preferences
  • Provide variable website content and feedback for a major manufacturer of digital presses,
  • Market life insurance through personalized URLs,
  • Increase prospect signups using facebook ID integration
  • Simplify monthly e-newsletter creation and distribution
  • Manage distribution processes including shortages, complaints, refunds
  • Improve the effectiveness and cost efficiency of product evaluation committees
  • And much more...

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your web vision and challenges.
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What People are Saying

“GreenKite always delivers a professional service that our clients appreciate. Fast, reliable, and collaborative. We rely on GreenKite to help us deliver a seamless solution to our clients.”
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